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Thanks to its natural beauty, Golfo Aranci offers many evocative and unforgettable activities by land or sea. You can count on our experience in the area and we will do our utmost to recommend the most suitable activity for you.

Dolphin Watching

You cannot miss the opportunity to have this unique and exciting experience in the waters of Cala Moresca. Whilst roaming around the small island of Figarolo, you are likely to come across close encounters with these gentle giants, the ‘Dolphins‘ at home in Golfo Aranci.

Scuba diving and snorkeling

Due to our favorable oceanfront location, you can enjoy activities and guided dives in the Site of Community Interest of Capo Figari and Figarolo and the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo.
You will be able to visit the wondrous sea wrecks and shoals of north-western Sardinia. Whether you are an expert or just exploring the beautiful seabed for the first time, you can discover the beauty of the underwater world using a diving mask, a set of fins, and a snorkel.

Trips by land or sea

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience wonderful and exciting sea excursions to visit enchanting places such as theIsland of Tavolara, the Natural Pools of Molara, Cala Girgolu with its smooth stones, the Island of Figarolo and the enchanting Cala Moresca; and the unmissable day trip to the Maddalena Archipelago.
Don’t miss the night-time promenade along the seafront where you can go shopping in the numerous shops selling Sardinian handicrafts, gold and coral, typical products, and the popular market on Via Libertà every evening.


A clearly visible and easy to follow walking trail leads to beautiful panoramic views.
There you will find yourself amidst scents of myrtle and wild rosemary and fascinating historical sites where the view is completely unobstructed. Suitable for experienced but also for beginners, and there is a chance of running into some “Muflone” (curved-horned goats) hidden among the rocks.

Info and reservations

Our staff will always be at your disposal for advice and reservations for any excursions or activities or food and wine recommendations. Count on us to make your holiday both enriching and unforgettable.


Not only crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches but also places rich in history, culture, and heritage…